HDMI2USB: Open video capture hardware + firmware

HDMI2USB Diagram

The HDMI2USB project develops affordable hardware options to record and stream HD videos (from HDMI & DisplayPort sources) for conferences, meetings and user groups.

We are currently developing our own hardware (the Numato Opsis), and also provide firmware for various prototyping boards.

HDMI2USB started in 2013, and is an active ongoing project in its third iteration of hardware prototyping. Today you can download early working firmware and have real capture happen, but we actively wish to improve and are seeking assistance:

  • For video recording individuals+teams: Be an early adopter; get a board, start using it, report back to us with feedback
  • For software/FPGA developers: Get involved in contributing code both to the capture software + FPGA stack

Our aim is this becomes the defacto, incredibly affordable and easy to use video recording hardware for conferences, meetings and user groups worldwide.

Find out more about HDMI2USB and why we’re doing this in ABOUT + FAQ

LCA2017 Behind the Scenes

People using HDMI2USB hardware!

HDMI2USB project has been used to record numerous FOSS conference around the world, including;

Linux.conf.au many PyCons around the world, and DebConf.
LCA2017 PyCon AU, pyOhio, Kiwi PyCon & PyCon ZA DebConf2016

Are you using HDMI2USB stuff? Mail contact@timvideos.us to get added here!