Digilent Atlys

The Digilent Atlys was the original prototyping platform for developing the HDMI2USB firmware and continues to be a supported platform.

Digilent Atlys

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Technical Specifications

Features listed in grey are currently unsupported by the firmware.

FPGA Xilinx Spartan-6 LX45 FPGA
Memory 128Mbyte DDR2
Video Interfaces
  • 2 x HDMI Input[1],
  • HDMI Output[2],
  • micro-HDMI Output[3]
  • 30Mbyte/s FX2 Cypress,
  • Gigabit Ethernet,
  • UART,
  • USB v1.1 Keyboard/Mouse interface
Storage 16Mbyte SPI Flash
Audio AC-97 Codec (unsupported)
Expansion 1 x Digilent VHDCI, 1 x PMOD[5]
Power Supply 5V @ 4A
  • [1]: The Atlys board has the hot plug pin hard wired, hot plug detection and control is not supported on this board. The CEC pin is also unconnected.
  • [2]:
  • [3]:
  • [5]: The PMOD header on the Atlys board is shared with the micro-HDMI connector. Only one can be in use at any one time.