HDMI2USB - Firmware

This page talks about using the LiteX Firmware which is the firmware currently used in production.

See the History section for more information about the older firmware versions.

Getting Started

Flashing prebuilt firmware

Instructions on flashing your Numato Opsis or Digilent Atlys with prebuilt firmware can be found on the Wiki.

Click here to goto flashing instructions on the wiki.

Setting up Developer Environment

To setup a developer environment follow the ‘Getting Started’ instructions in the TimVideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware repo.


The HDMI2USB firmware was originally developed by Jahanzeb Ahmad using hand coded VHDL/Verilog and with cores from OpenCores and the Xilinx LogiCORE IP Core Generator.

This firmware (called the Jahanzeb firmware) was replaced by the “MiSoC Firmware” starting middle of 2015. The “MiSoC Firmware” was renamed to the “LiteX Firmware” after we started using Enjoy Digital’s soft fork or MiSoC called LiteX. (We use the term “MiSoC” and “LiteX” interchangably through the documentation.)

You can find a comparison between the two firmware here.