HDMI2USB - Firmware

This page talks about using the MiSoC Firmware, see the History section for more information about the different firmware versions.

Getting Started

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Setting up Developer Environment



  • BaseSoC working (CPU + DDR2 + UART)
  • MiniSoC working (BaseSoC + 10/100Mbps Ethernet MAC handled by the CPU)


  • EtherboneSoC working (BaseSoC + 10/100Mbps HW Ethernet UDP/IP stack and Etherbone)
  • VideomixerSoC working (EtherboneSoC + HDMI in + Framebuffer + Hdmi out)
  • HDMI2EthernetSoC working (VideomixerSoC + JPEG encoder + UDP streamer)


  • VideomixerSoC working (MiniSoC + HDMI in + Framebuffer + Hdmi out)
  • HDMI2USB working (VideomixerSoCerSoC + JPEG encoder + USB streamer)


The HDMI2USB firmware was originally developed by Jahanzeb Ahmad using hand coded VHDL/Verilog and with cores from OpenCores and the Xilinx LogiCORE IP Core Generator. This firmware (called the Jahanzeb firmware) was replaced by the “MiSoC Firmware” starting middle of 2015. You can find a comparison between the two firmware here.