Milkymist Compatibility - TOFE Expansion board

The Numato Opsis board is already very similar to the Milkymist M1 and Mixxeo devices created by M-Labs, but lacks the DJ hardware interfaces. This expansion board adds these missing components.

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This extension board has the following features;

  • AC‘97 compatible audio interface with Microphone, Headphones, Line In + Out (on standard 3.5mm connectors).

  • RS-422 / RS-485 compatible high speed (10Mbps), full duplex serial port;

    • Compatible with wide range of interfaces including the industry standard DMX512 control protocol.

    • Connected to screw terminal headers, allowing wiring to DB-9, RJ-12, XLR-5, XLR-3 or RJ-45 connectors (wiring diagrams provided).

  • RS-232 full duplex serial port on a standard DB-9 connector. Supporting connection to wide range of devices with serial ports. (A secondary RS-232 full duplex serial port on a standard screw terminal.)

  • MIDI In and Out interfaces on screw terminals, supporting connection to wide range of musical instruments and control devices.

  • Infrared transmitter and receiver compatible with many consumer remote protocols.

  • 4 x Push button Switches,
  • 4 x Indicator LEDs,

  • 2 x Digilent Pmod™ Compatible headers to allow usage of existing expansion boards, including boards from Numato Lab, Digilent, Maxim and Analog.


The Milkymist Compatibility Expansion Board can now be ordered on CrowdSupply


TOFE MilkyMist Compatibility Expansion board by Numato Systems Pvt. Ltd

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