Firmware Comparison

Their have two firmwares create by the HDMI2USB project so far. This page shows the comparison between the two.




Development Not under active development. Under active development.
Production Use Not used in production. Actively used in production.
  The jahanzeb HDMI2USB firmware was developed using a combination of VHDL, Verilog and cores generated in Xilinx ISE. The misoc HDMI2USB firmware is developed using migen and misoc technologies.
  • Gateware: BSD/MIT and Xilinx (unclear)
  • Firmware: GPL v2.0
  • Gateware: BSD/MIT
  • Firmware: GPL v2.0
Supported Boards Digilent Atlys Digilent Atlys, Numato Opsis
Streaming Interfaces USB 2.0 UVC Camera USB 2.0 UVC Camera, Gigabit Ethernet
Control Interface USB 2.0 CDC-ACM "Serial Port" USB 2.0 CDC-ACM "Serial Port", Gigabit Ethernet