How to Help!

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Congratulations on being a early adopter of the Numato Opsis, the first open hardware designed specifically for the open source firmware.

We’ve been busy preparing the HDMI2USB firmware to make the board ready for you to use right now (see reverse). However, the possibilities that the Opsis board adds are numerous, we need your help to unlock them all.

Currently we have the following features working;

  • Driverless capture via USB at 720p (1280×720) at 30fps on Linux
  • HDMI matrix / video switching (2-in, 2-out)
  • Device control via USB serial

The community is also working on;

  • Creating tooling such as an easy to use GUI
  • Capturing via Ethernet or direct to storage
  • Hardware mixing, manipulation and overlays (inc Milkymist)
  • DisplayPort, 4k video support
  • New expansion boards for VGA and SDI interfacing

You don’t need to be an expert to contribute, even just using the board and providing feedback is extremely valuable!

Our community is very friendly and as an early adopter we’d love your help!